About Sarah Miller
Sarah Miller is a 28-year-old woman from Scranton, PA who loves to cook, write, and figure out ways to succeed in life while exerting as little energy as humanly possible. She has a BA in economics and an MA in management but has somehow managed to make it through life without ever having a job that requires higher education. She considers herself to be a die-hard capitalist and despite being nauseatingly lazy, is a huge advocate of personal responsibly and taking charge of your own life!

She is in the final stages of publishing her first book Dependently Wealthy which is currently available for Amazon pre-sale. The memoir details her real-life experience of her time living in NYC and dating an 80-year-old billionaire.

She spends her days going to the gym, working towards becoming financially independent, talking herself through cripple panic attacks and fighting her urge to look through her friends and families medicine cabinets for left over pain medication.