Sarah Miller / 06.10.2016
STRONG Transformation- 2 WEEKS OUT
These are some home vlogs I took during the final two weeks of my dieting and working out for my final STRONG transformation photo shoot. This was the end of a very LONG journey. By the end I had lost 28 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle. (from 175 down to 147)

As you can see from the physique updates, as you get closer to your goal weight, progress becomes much slower and you need to work twice as hard for tiny  (barley noticeable ) results. 

The last two weeks I did a carb cycling program where I had 3 low carb days (under 50 grams) and high carb days (250 grams).

Please stand-by for the follow-up video where I share my vlogs and physique updates post-final photo shoot (and post some epic binge meals). The weight i got don't to wasn't sustainable for me but I did work hard to keep the majority of my results. 

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